Doreen J. Parker Heritage Retreat

The Adult Heritage Retreat returned September 15-27, 2023.  The weekend was spent in the mountains at Trollhaugen Lodge

Learning about Trolls, and their secrets.  A weekend of crafts, cooking, and fun.


Lois McKinnell (Spokane) and Lizbeth Doving (Poulsbo) 



Delicious Shrimp Smorbrod
Joe Molvik woodcarving,
Wood carving figure by student Sven
Vær så god! A little aquavit, asks Kåre, at the tasting by Bill and Chris Hicks
Instruction on Card Weaving
Card weaving final product by beginner Lizbeth
Weaving demonstration by Joanne, wearing her finished product
Instruction on making Viking Bracelets
Modeling finished bracelets
Viking Bracelet and Earrings
Paper hearts taught by Chris Hicks
Klostersøm taught by Ginger
Heart Vafler with Gjetost
Kransekake being assembled decorated,
Hiking trail at Trollhaugen .. looking for those Trolls
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